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The favourability of the environmental conditions to support settlement by Man or the conditions fostered by such settlement e.g. an oasis.

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Colourful climate graphs for thousands of locations around the world depicting average temperatures, precipitation, sunlight hours etc. Our graphs are beautiful and easy to study.


13 million climate comparison reports so you can spot similarities and differences between locations. Very useful learning tool for understanding the effects of continentality or spotting favourable seasons to visit.


Climate.top is developed as an educational resource rather than lazer focused on travel. You will enjoy and discover more.


Fast and easy navigation with the search engine, countries A-Z and maps. Climate.top is hosted on lightspeed servers and is developed so you can quickly find the information you seek. There is also a full list of countries below.


Whist often immitated Climate.top keeps on pushing the limits. With us you will get deeper insights and reach new worlds before the others get out of bed.

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