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Climate, Average Weather of Chile ⛅

🏞 Of the land area, 3% has a semi-arid/ steppe climate (BS), 28.3% has a arid/ desert climate (BW), 17.8% has a temperate/ mesothermal climate with significant precipitation in all seasons (Cf), 13% has a temperate/ mesothermal climate with dry summers (Cs), 34.9% has a alpine/ highland climate (H), 2.9% has a polar climate (E).

🧜 Of the population, 15.7% live in a semi-arid/ steppe climate (BS), 9.1% live in a arid/ desert climate (BW), 6.2% live in a temperate/ mesothermal climate with significant precipitation in all seasons (Cf), 53.2% live in a temperate/ mesothermal climate with dry summers (Cs), 0% live in a polar climate (E), 15.8% live in a alpine/ highland climate (H).

LocationLat.Long.Alt. m(ft)ClimateBiomeAv. Temp.Precip.
Arica18°21'S70°20'W55 (180)BWhWarm temperate desert19 (66)1 (0)
Iquique-Diego Aracena20°33'S70°11'W48 (157)BWk-18 (64)1 (0)
Antofagasta23°27'S70°26'W113 (371)BWkWarm temperate desert16 (62)2 (0)
Isla De Pascua-Mataveri27°12'S109°24'W20 (66)Af-21 (69)1147 (45)
Copiapo-Chamonate27°23'S70°17'W370 (1214)BWkWarm temperate desert scrub15 (59)12 (0)
Vallenar28°58'S70°13'W1200 (3937)BWkBoreal desert15 (59)32 (1)
La Serena-La Florida29°55'S71°12'W142 (466)BWkCool temperate desert14 (56)79 (3)
Valparaiso33°0'S71°5'W41 (135)bCool temperate steppe14 (57)373 (15)
Quintero33°2'S71°24'W121 (397)bCool temperate steppe13 (55)341 (13)
Santiago33°30'S70°42'W520 (1706)BSkCool temperate steppe14 (56)262 (10)
Sewell34°4'S70°22'W2154 (7067)CsbSubpolar rain tundra10 (51)891 (35)
Parron34°16'S70°40'W692 (2270)CsbWarm temperate moist forest13 (55)675 (27)
Curico-General Freire34°58'S71°14'W23 (75)CsbWarm temperate dry forest13 (56)702 (28)
Chillan36°35'S72°2'W156 (512)CsbCool temperate steppe13 (55)1107 (44)
Concepcion-Carriel Sur36°47'S73°4'W17 (56)Csb-12 (54)1110 (44)
Temuco-Maquehue38°46'S72°38'W92 (302)CfbCool temperate wet forest11 (52)1157 (46)
Valdivia-Pichoy39°39'S72°5'W18 (59)CfbCool temperate wet forest11 (52)1871 (74)
Valdivia39°48'S73°14'W53 (174)CfbCool temperate rain forest12 (54)2489 (98)
Osorno-Canal Bajo40°36'S73°4'W61 (200)CfbCool temperate rain forest11 (51)1332 (52)
Puerto Montt41°26'S73°6'W84 (276)CsbCool temperate wet forest10 (50)1703 (67)
Puerto Aysen45°23'S72°42'W11 (36)CfbCool temperate rain forest9 (48)2647 (104)
Coyhaique-Teniente Vida45°36'S73°7'W302 (991)CfbBoreal rain forest8 (47)1206 (47)
Balmaceda Puerto45°55'S71°42'W516 (1693)CscBoreal rain forest6 (44)612 (24)
Chico46°35'S71°42'W305 (1001)bBoreal rain forest9 (48)292 (11)
Punta Arenas53°0'S70°51'W38 (125)Cfc-6 (43)376 (15)
Isla Diego Ramirez56°28'S68°44'W11 (36)ET-5 (41)1368 (54)
Visviri-Tenencia17°37'S69°30'W4066 (13340)-Polar desert-319 (13)
Codpa-Reten18°49'S69°45'W1893 (6211)-Cool temperate desert-10 (0)
Camiña, Tarapacá19°19'S69°25'W2379 (7805)-Subpolar dry tundra-58 (2)
Huatacondo20°55'S69°4'W2449 (8035)-Cool temperate desert-19 (1)
El Salvador26°10'S69°25'W2499 (8199)-Boreal dry scrub-15 (1)
Chanaral26°18'S70°42'W13 (43)---12 (0)
Los Loros, Atacama27°51'S70°4'W948 (3110)-Cool temperate desert-32 (1)
La Pampa-El Parral29°0'S70°12'W0 (0)-Boreal desert-67 (3)
Punta De Tortuga29°55'S71°15'W25 (82)-Cool temperate desert-78 (3)
Pisco Elqui30°7'S70°31'W1295 (4249)-Boreal desert-108 (4)
Los Nichos30°8'S70°31'W1310 (4298)-Boreal desert-125 (5)
Pachingo30°27'S71°32'W78 (256)---133 (5)
Combarbala31°10'S71°1'W910 (2986)-Warm temperate desert scrub-215 (8)
Puerto Oscuro31°27'S71°35'W147 (482)---180 (7)
Salamanca-Colonia31°46'S71°1'W482 (1581)-Cool temperate desert scrub-220 (9)
Trapiche Longotoma32°19'S71°19'W600 (1969)-Warm temperate thorn steppe-275 (11)
La Ligua-Esval32°23'S71°17'W58 (190)-Warm temperate thorn steppe-318 (13)
La Vega32°25'S71°1'W369 (1211)-Warm temperate thorn steppe-261 (10)
El Ingenio32°28'S71°9'W111 (364)-Warm temperate thorn steppe-293 (12)
Catapilco32°36'S71°17'W95 (312)-Cool temperate steppe-354 (14)
Puchuncavi32°43'S71°25'W117 (384)-Cool temperate steppe-370 (15)
Limache-Esval33°0'S71°17'W120 (394)-Cool temperate steppe-411 (16)
Quilpue33°6'S71°30'W101 (331)-Cool temperate steppe-395 (16)
Santiago, Puente Alto33°36'S70°30'W799 (2621)-Subpolar rain tundra-536 (21)
Queltehue33°49'S70°12'W1365 (4478)-Subpolar rain tundra-720 (28)
Longovilo-Hacienda33°57'S71°25'W157 (515)-Warm temperate thorn steppe-418 (16)
Barahona34°4'S70°31'W1390 (4560)-Warm temperate moist forest-882 (35)
Graneros-Sendos34°4'S70°43'W479 (1572)-Warm temperate moist forest-506 (20)
Coya34°6'S70°24'W780 (2559)-Subpolar rain tundra-700 (28)
Rengo34°23'S70°52'W319 (1047)-Warm temperate moist forest-465 (18)
Vina Vieja34°25'S71°4'W215 (705)-Warm temperate dry forest-560 (22)
Santa Isabel De Querele34°36'S71°54'W127 (417)-Warm temperate dry forest-638 (25)
Teno34°52'S71°10'W298 (978)-Warm temperate dry forest-789 (31)
Curepto-Sendos35°7'S72°1'W60 (197)-Warm temperate dry forest-722 (28)
San Javier-Particular35°34'S71°43'W118 (387)-Warm temperate dry forest-830 (33)
Linares35°47'S71°35'W157 (515)-Warm temperate dry forest-967 (38)
San Carlos36°25'S71°57'W172 (564)-Warm temperate thorn steppe-1055 (42)
San Ignacio De Palomare36°37'S72°34'W75 (246)-Cool temperate steppe-1113 (44)
Punta Hualpen36°46'S73°12'W48 (157)---592 (23)
Bulnes-Sendos36°47'S72°17'W83 (272)-Cool temperate steppe-907 (36)
Cerro Caracol36°49'S73°1'W100 (328)---1045 (41)
Hualqui-Sendos36°58'S72°57'W21 (69)-Cool temperate steppe-1462 (58)
San Cristobal37°10'S72°34'W110 (361)-Warm temperate moist forest-1160 (46)
El Tambillo37°36'S72°42'W--Cool temperate wet forest-1221 (48)
Angol-Los Estanques37°49'S72°39'W72 (236)-Cool temperate wet forest-1095 (43)
Los Sauces-Sendos37°58'S72°49'W111 (364)-Cool temperate wet forest-649 (26)
Carahue-Sendos38°43'S73°9'W10 (33)-Cool temperate wet forest-896 (35)
Curaco En Balsa39°2'S72°12'W250 (820)-Cool temperate wet forest-2120 (83)
Flor Del Lago39°12'S72°5'W300 (984)-Cool temperate wet forest-2626 (103)
Purulon-Escuela Agricol39°28'S72°35'W40 (131)-Cool temperate wet forest-2145 (84)
San Jose De La Mariquin39°31'S72°58'W35 (115)-Cool temperate wet forest-1531 (60)
Panguipulli39°40'S72°17'W140 (459)-Cool temperate wet forest-2346 (92)
Lago Ranco40°15'S72°19'W153 (502)-Cool temperate wet forest-1976 (78)
Rio Bueno40°19'S72°55'W82 (269)-Cool temperate wet forest-1143 (45)
San Pablo40°25'S73°0'W60 (197)-Cool temperate wet forest-1261 (50)
La Ensenada41°12'S72°31'W51 (167)-Cool temperate wet forest-1875 (74)
Castro42°28'S73°47'W80 (262)-Cool temperate rain forest-1871 (74)
Quellon43°7'S73°37'W3 (10)-Cool temperate rain forest-2113 (83)
Futaleufu43°11'S71°51'W317 (1040)-Cool temperate desert-2085 (82)
Alto Palena Dromo43°37'S71°47'W277 (909)-Boreal moist forest-1636 (64)
 Chile Average34°51'S71°58'W424 (1393)BWkCool temperate wet forest12 (54)822 (32)

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