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Weather in December in Milan

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Normal Max/ High Temperature 5°C (42°F)
Average Temperature 2°C (36°F)
Min/ Low Temperature -1°C (30°F)
Normal Precipitation 60mm (2.4in)
Number of Wet Days (probability of rain on a day) 10 (32%)
Average Sunlight per day 01h 30'
Average Daylight per day 08h 46'
Sunny (Cloudy) Daylight Hours 18% (82%)
Sun altitude at solar noon on the 21st day.

  • The average temperature in Milan in December is very cool at 2.25 °C (36.05 °F).
  • Afternoons can be cool with average high temperatures reaching 5.4 °C (41.7 °F).
  • Overnight temperatures are generally slightly cold with an average low of -0.9 °C (30.4 °F).
  • In December the mean daily temperature range/ variation is 6.3 °C (11.3 °F).
  • Precipitation averages for December are moderate with 60.4mm (2.4 in) recorded across 10 days.
  • In December the skies in Milan are really dreary having on balance just 1h 30' of dazzling sunlight per day.
  • The shortest day is 8h 42' long and the longest day is 8h 57' long with an average length of 8h 46'.
  • There are approximately 7h 03' per day when the sun is occluded by cloud, haze, fog etc.
  • It is sunny approximately 17.7% of daylight hours and cloudy 82.3% of daylight hours.

Weather Trend Graph for December in Milan, Italy

Graph of weather in Milan in December

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