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Climate, Average Weather of Somalia ⛅

🏞 Of the land area, 53.5% has a semi-arid/ steppe climate (BS), 46.5% has a arid/ desert climate (BW).

🧜 Of the population, 0% live in a tropical wet and dry/ savanna climate (Aw), 45.6% live in a semi-arid/ steppe climate (BS), 54.4% live in a arid/ desert climate (BW).

LocationLat.Long.Alt. m(ft)ClimateBiomeAv. Temp.Precip.
Berbera10°26'N45°2'E8 (26)BWhTropical desert30 (86)38 (1)
Gaalkacyo6°46'N47°26'E240 (787)BWhTropical very dry forest27 (81)101 (4)
Mogadishu2°2'N45°21'E9 (30)BWhTropical thorn woodland27 (81)399 (16)
 Somalia Average6°24'N45°56'E86 (281)BWh-28 (83)179 (7)

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